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About InConTec

Research • Development • Innovation

InConTec is a research and innovation company that is active in industry and public research projects.

The company was founded in the year 2007 to offer and perform consulting and development services in the areas of requirements analysis, market research, road mapping, proposal support, software specification, design and implementation as well as software integration in the sectors:

  • Long-term preservation of digital data in industry and public institutions, like public, national and university libraries
  • Museums and archives with significant national treasures
  • Research institutions with large sets of long-living data inventories
  • Industry sectors with long-term legal obligations for product maintenance and support
  • Collaboration between different technical domains in design and engineering, like
  • ECAD and MCAD integration in the field of mechatronics development
  • Integration of global acting, even cross-company development organizations
  • Integration of CAD-based simulation and development systems with PLM solutions
  • Software Quality Management
  • Development process analysis and optimization
  • Support and Implementation of database and multimedia-oriented research projects especially in using Semantic-based methods in the field of Web-2.0/3.0

For this purpose we offer many years of comprehensive interdisciplinary consulting and development know-how enriched with substantial experience in research, development and standardization of tools and methods, which has been gained in national and international research and development projects. InConTec can draw upon many years of long-term relationships to and networks of research partners in national and international academic and industrial R&D fields.

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