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Why InConTec?

Research, innovation and development is the main focus of our activities. To get this know-how into the market needs tight relations with industry and academia. In our service offers we are exploiting the gained results in the industry and can ensure to be always in fron of technology in the areas of our expertise. Services performed by InConTec let our customers take part in the outcomes of our research and innovation activities. But we also profit from the customer relationship and the ongoing projects with them. Innovation is only that good as it gets applied in real productive processes. This gives us the required feedback for improvements and optimization of our tools and services. The customer benefits in the same way from our activities in the research community.

Our Offer

Please contact us and describe the problem which needs a beneficial solution. In our areas of competence we are interested to investigate with you possible solutions and are prepared to prepare a package from contact and clarification over proposal to acceptance along your needs and expectations.

Where can we support you?

IInConTec offers services and know-how in different areas. You can get more information on the expertise and research pages of this web site.

Apart of the there detailed described facts we are supporting also in questions about research and innovation funding. Assistance and supervision in the establishment of EU-funding applications or management and coordination of such projects are part of our activities.