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Research Activities

InConTec is involved in several European research Projects and network activities.

Project Domains

The research activities are represented in the following domains:

  • Longterm Preservation
  • Earth Science Observation
  • Data Stream Computing
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Collaboration
  • IPR Protection
  • Production Planning
  • Health Societal Challenge of Obesity

Beside the above mentioned research activities which are mostly done in national and European research projects. InConTec provides market research for industry and governmental institutions and generates studies about technology trends and market penetration. State-of-the-art documentation and future requirement investigation are helping our clients to recognize growing and open business segments and weak-point analyses improve the understanding of market and user perspectives.

Especially we are coaching our customers in the applicability of new service oriented business models to enlarge their product portfolio.

The European Projects where we have successfully contributed are the following:

  • SmartVortex (Data Stream Computing and Collaboration)
  • CAPP-4-SMEs (Cloud based Production Planning)
  • SCIDIP-ES (Preservation of Earth Observation Data)
  • APARSEN (Preservation Standards and Network for Excellence in Preservation)
  • SHAMAN (Multivalent Technology applied in Preservation for Libraries, Industry and Science)
  • STOP (Innovative platform to support persons with obesity with a better nutrition under supervision of healthcare professionals)

In the research section you can see more details about the projects and their research results. Further contributions are visible on the expertise pages.


News from Research

Standards Data Base

The new Standards Database will soon be ready for public release.

SmartVortex FEM-Kit

The FEM-Kit application has been release and is ready for user trials, demos and trainings

Federated Data Stream Management System

A first training session has been taken place at the Volvo CE site in Eskiltuna Sweden. A wheel loader equiped with an on-board DSMS unit and connected to the monitoring center has been used as live training example to validate the generated data streams and to start collaborations in the case of failor detection.