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Process-oriented Data-, Content-, and Knowledge Resource Management

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Longterm Preservation

In the field of long-term preservation of digital data, multimedia objects and electronic documents often a lack of adequate information is recognized regarding the state-of-the-art of what trends are already existing in the market or in the process of emerging, established approaches, standards, technologies, components, tools and solutions, which can be used effectively for this challenge. This makes it different for customers in the forefront of an implementation to develop the strategy, the requirements analysis and the roadmap, and after that during the implementation phase it complicates the project management, the bidding process and the integration of those already available experience and results into existing IT environments and processes of the customers' organization. Furthermore legal conditions or requirements are often to be fulfilled and even for those in many cases proven procedures, technological solutions and standards are existing.

InConTec offers advice and services in this fields as well.

Collaborative Development Environments for Mechatronics Systems

Another competence area of InConTec's consulting business is the interdisciplinary computer-aided collaboration for product design, functional prototyping and the associated design and development documentation in cross-domain and cross-organizational environments including the protection of intellectual properties. This certainly covers also the process analysis, as well as the integration of adequate products and methods into a distributed collaborative development environment.

Integration of EDA Systems in the existing PLM Structures

InConTec has long lasting experience in the integration of ECAE and ECAD in Engineering portals and PLM systems. This belongs especially to the Mentor Graphics Expedition family of tools including DxDesigner, Schematic Capture and Expedition Layout. Design, Parts (Material) and Bill of Material data (BOM) gets integrated with SAP and SAP supporting Engineering portals. This can also be combined with Long-term preservation needs. Documents and models from PLM systems like ARAS and others can be normalized and ingested in a preservation archive like e.g. iRods.

Data Stream Mangement Systems (DSMS) and Sensor Fusion

Data streams like CSV, JSON or JDBC are produced by sensors mounted in any machinery equipment that is subject of automation activities. InConTec has the expertise to plan, set-up and configure DSMS in a federated configuration that mets also distributed sourcing requirements. Validation of data streams regarding thresholds, reference streams or depending on other mathematical functions can generate alerts or initiate any actions to monitor and control a process. Trend analyses and prediction calculations are in the same way our area of expertise as collaboration processes that need to be started to solve recognized problems in a team of specialists.


Whenever engineering collaboration is based on social collaboration methods IPR protection plays a major role in a global vendor supplier relationship. Normal read write mechanism based on role or project assignments no longer met the requirements in a so-called coopetition situation, where design and development partners are cooperation partners on the one side but on the other hand in other projects competing on the market. InConTec can give advice and provide tools to protect the own IPR in collaboration and teamworking environments.

Service Oriented Business Models

"Service Oriented Business Models" are new ways of selling products or additional new services. "Product as a service" is one of the buzz words in this area. The models relay on "Service Oriented Features". These features within a vendor-customer relation might be contractual agreements to specific performances of intangible features like "transportation volume, reliability, physical parameters like torque, power, cutting speed or other measurable parameters". These items are taken as contractual basis between vendor and customer for the delivery of choice by the vendor. While leasing and rental models still calculate the financing of the used equipment based on price list items service oriented business model are focusing on the impacts and results of using the vendors equipment under defined usage conditions. InConTec can provide the right tools to limit the embedded risk and to gain experience in this field of business models.